3D Wall Panel Decor Ideas For 2022

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  When you think of home decor ideas to freshen up your living space, you usually think of soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and curtains. A simple, affordable, and effective way to revamp the look of your home may be staring you in the face—3D wall panels.

3d wall panels ideas for living room wall decor

  Why 3D panels?

  1. 3D panels are easy to install

  These panels are easily attached to the wall with a special glue or a railing system, which allows them to be screwed into place. Think of it as a large jigsaw puzzle. Made from a variety of different materials—wood, stone, brick, and PVC—they add an extra zest to a dull home.

  2. Cover up imperfections

  What’s more, they cover any imperfections in the walls. So, rather than having to do an annual paint or wallpaper job, these panels cover whatever is behind. Damp spots, flaws, and chipped plaster all get hidden by these decorative marvels.

  3. Reduce maintenance

  Keeping panels in pristine condition is easy. All you have to do, in most cases, is wash them with warm water. Or, for natural materials like wood, clean them with polish. Panels are impact resistant so they protect your wall from further damage. If you have pets running around the house or young children who like to play, they’re the perfect solution.

  How can you use 3D panels to transform your home?

  1. Enhance your office acoustics

  How about your small, echoey home office? If you want to sound good on Zoom calls, you need to reduce unwanted reverberation. One way to achieve this is to add textured 3D wall panels. PVC and leather offer a high level of sound absorption. Effortlessly reduce unwanted echoes and improve the clarity of your video calls and face-to-face conversations. In this digital age, a pleasing background is also a welcome bonus for anyone on the receiving end of your calls and photographs.

  2. Upgrade your tired living space

  If you’re like most families, you spend the majority of your time in your living room. One way to spice up your decor is to add an accent wall behind your main seating area. It adds a splash of color and texture. Adding a focal point to your room is a cost-effective way of extending the life of your existing color scheme. If you have neutral tones, like cream or white, you can contrast them with one vibrant 3D wall feature.

  3. Add brick without having to build

  3D wall panels excel at reproducing effects that are difficult to achieve. For example, if you want an exposed red brick, you’d employ builders, knock down walls and disrupt your whole life. 3D wall panels don’t create any mess. You can produce a rustic feel in any room by introducing brick panels. Spice up your kitchen and dining area with a retro brick wall, transporting your guests to a New York loft or historic building.

  4. Bring the outdoors into your home

  If you’re craving something more natural and tactile, wood paneling is a superb option. Wood brings the outdoors in, adding an inviting feel to your living space. You can build on the aesthetic by hanging plants or growing creeping vines.

  If you’d like to explore further 3D panel options for your home, we offer a range of superb products to meet your needs. Contact us today and speak to one of the 3D wall panel manufacturers or visit the INTCO website for details.