Eye catching Skirting Board Designs For Modern Homes

2024-03-11 10:39:00
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  Things like light switches, handles, and skirting boards aren’t really that sexy but these details are what will take a room from looking good enough to finished and flawless. If you’re renovating your house, you perhaps didn’t anticipate all of the small design decisions you would need to make along the way. Choosing skirting boards and architraves may seem like a minor design decision, but they can have a huge impact on the final look of a room. The right installation can help you to finish your room and create a cohesive, stunning look that will attract attention and tie everything together.

how to select modern skirting boards for your home

  Skirting boards are available in an array of materials, including medium-density fibreboard (MDF), timber, finger-jointed pine hardwood, oak and more. MDF is the most popular choice, as it can be expertly finished in a wide range of moulded styles with little fuss. Intco Decor—One-stop Home Improvement Solution skirting board manufacturer may be able to custom-finish your skirting if you have something specific in mind.

  There is no shortage of different styles in skirting boards or dado rail. But the secret lies in choosing the one that suits your taste and your home’s interior. Whether you’re purchasing from a physical store or online store, keep your house design in mind to choose the best combination. If you have a different interior in each room going for the same skirting board style is not a good idea. In that case, have a sample of each room’s design to select the right style.

  The style of your skirting boards can either compliment the flow of the home or create a very different feel for one specific room. Simpler designs with straight edges or straight grooves are considered to create a more contemporary feel whereas the more elaborate designs are considered to be more traditional.

  The colors of skirting boards are also playing a larger part in interior design with various palettes being used for different reasons. Whether it is a design statement that opts for big and bold contrasting colors or design for practicality – such as choosing a matching color to the walls to create a greater sense of height – the color of skirting boards is a key design feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  Another idea for decorating your skirtings, go for a harmonious look with tones of the same colour. Try painting your skirting and half your wall in the same shade looks contemporary especially when teamed with black architrave.

  There is no right or wrong answer here and it is entirely down to your personal preference and what you think would best suit your home. Whether you love the simplest of designs or the grandeur of a room with statement features, your skirting boards and architraves have the power of unlocking the beauty of your home interiors.