Intco Highlights | Intco Recycling and Intco Medical Both Win Sustainable Development Awards

2024-03-11 10:42:16
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Recently, the first China Listed Companies Sustainable Development Conference, hosted by the China Association for Public Companies (CAPCO), co-organized by the Association’s Sustainable Development (ESG) Professional Committee and the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum, was held in Beijing. During the conference, the 2023 Listed Companies ESG Best Practice Cases and Outstanding Practice Cases were announced, with both Intco Recycling and Intco Medical receiving awards.
To promote the sustainable development capabilities and standards of listed companies, and to showcase the excellent ESG practices and unique practices of listed companies, CAPCO organized the collection and compilation of ESG practice cases from listed companies for 2023. A total of 451 ESG practice cases were collected, focusing on four dimensions: environment, social, governance, and comprehensive ESG practices, with particular attention to 13 issues including carbon emission reduction, pollution and waste reduction, and energy and resource utilization. Out of these, 120 were selected as the best ESG practice cases and 325 as outstanding practice cases. These were compiled into the “China Listed Companies ESG Best Practice Cases 2023” and officially released at the conference.
Among them, Intco Recycling’s REBIRTHING FROM TRANSFORMATION BY HIGH-TECH” was selected as one of the best ESG practice cases, and “Improving ESG Information Disclosure Level to Promote High-Quality Corporate Development” was recognized as an outstanding practice case. Intco Medical received outstanding practice case awards for “Practices and Innovations in Employee Health and Development” and “Intco Medical’s Work Related to ESG Rating Improvement.”
Intco Recycling (Symbol 688087) is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the recycling and utilization of resources, engaged in the recycling, regeneration, and utilization of renewable resources. The company innovatively connects the entire industry chain of plastic recycling and reuse, perfectly marrying plastic recycling and regeneration with fashionable consumer products.
As the first A-share listed company engaged in the full industry chain of plastic recycling and reuse, Intco Recycling has been deeply involved in the industry for over 20 years. With its unique business model and advanced technology, the company has promoted the development of the circular economy and achieved stable growth. The company actively practices the ESG concept, continuously improving its ESG management mechanisms and integrating ESG governance into its long-term development strategy.
In the future, Intco Recycling envisions becoming a ‘world-class resource recycling high-tech manufacturer.’ Working hand in hand with numerous stakeholders, we are committed to sustainable development and green practices. With the Human Wisdom Serving the Environmental Needs of Human, we strive to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and the sustainable development of the planet
INTCO Recycling, Renewing the World!