Intco Recycling Participates for the First Time and Achieves CDP Climate Change “Management” Level Rating Participates for the First Time and Achieves CDP Climate Change “Management” Level Rating

2024-03-11 10:43:02
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 Recently, the globally recognized carbon emissions rating agency, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), announced the latest round of ratings for global enterprises. Intco Recycling (688087. SH) participated for the first time and received a “B-” rating for climate change, reaching the “Management” level, demonstrating its commitment and responsibility as a high-tech manufacturer in resource recycling.

 The latest CDP rating report shows that plastic product manufacturing companies, Asian enterprises, and global enterprises have an average rating of C grade. Intco Recycling proactively disclosed its environmental performance for the first time under the international environmental disclosure framework and achieved recognition at the management level, showcasing the company’s industry-leading standards in sustainable development governance and climate action.

CDP Score Report

About CDP

  Established in 2000, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP operates a global environmental disclosure platform dedicated to promoting greenhouse gas emissions reduction and protecting water and forest resources. Ratings are based on the disclosure of enterprise information, with grades ranging from A (A/A-) to D (D/D-), representing Leadership, Management, Awareness, and Disclosure levels, respectively.

  CDP collaborates with over 740 institutional investors with total assets of $136 trillion and thousands of purchasing enterprises to incentivize companies to disclose and manage their environmental impacts through the power of investors and buyers. In 2023, over 23,000 companies, accounting for more than two-thirds of the global market value, disclosed their environmental impact data through the CDP platform.

About Intco Recycling

  As an environmentally friendly business, INTCO Recycling has the annual capacity to recycle 100,000 tons of EPS foam, and 50,000 tons of PET bottles to food-grade PET plastics, has reduced 200,000 tons of carbon emissions, saved 300,000 tons of crude oil, and protected 2 million trees every year. At present, INTCO Recycling has eliminated 2.5 million tons of global carbon emissions, reduced 3.75 million tons of crude oil expenditure, and saved 25 million trees!

  Looking ahead, as an innovative enterprise integrating plastic recycling and the application of fashion consumer goods, INTCO Recycling will take advantage of its end-to-end supply chain recycling solution, continue to promote the plastic recycling technology, become a global leader in resource recycling, and contribute to sustainable development in the new global carbon economy!

  INTCO Recycling, Renewing the World!