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Our products such as PS wall panels, ESM wall panels, PS crown mouldings and PS skirting boards are ideal choices for your bathroom decoration, highlighting multiple advantages such as waterproof performance, safety and environmental protection, sense of design and easy installation.

  • MT-KG

    Excellent Waterproof Ability

    Bathrooms are high-humidity environments, and waterproofing is the first priority for wall panels. Intco Decor's wall panels effectively solve the bathroom waterproofing problem through innovative design, ensuring that your bathroom is always dry.

  • JC1160-B-2032(2)

    Safety and Environmental Protection

    Intco Decor's products have formaldehyde levels of E0 and comply with the highest environmental standards. ESM, PS and other products have passed France's highest A+ level certification, providing you with a safe use environment.

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    Diverse Design Combinations

    For comfortable usage scenarios, we provide a variety of design combinations to meet your diverse pursuit of design and add unique personality to the bathroom.

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    Easy to Install

    By simplifying the design, we make installation easier for do-it-yourself consumers. Save time and effort and make your bathroom renovation more enjoyable.