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In office decoration, our acoustic panels, ESM wall panels and supporting lines provide you with a comprehensive solution, focusing on solving the three major pain points of the workplace: sound absorption and noise reduction, safety and environmental protection, and decoration.

  • JC1020-F-1302T

    Excellent Sound Absorption Effect

    Our acoustic panels use advanced technology, and the sound-absorbing effect can reach up to Class B, far exceeding traditional asbestos sound-absorbing materials. Effectively reduce noise interference and create a quiet and comfortable working environment.

  • JC1165-A-C8B

    Safety and Environmental Protection Standards

    We are committed to providing a safe and healthy office environment. The formaldehyde level of the product reaches E0 level, and ESM wall panel has passed the highest A+ level certification in France. Breathe fresh air into your office and provide a safe and secure workspace.

  • JF184-HFK-03014

    Elegant Line Design

    The matching line design is elegant and the color combination is comfortable. The exquisite lines and simplicity complement each other, injecting a unique artistic atmosphere into your office. Let the workplace no longer just work, but also an intoxicating space magic.