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In the outdoor environment, our PE decking provides you with the perfect solution, focusing on solving a series of problems of traditional outdoor wood, including easy to rot, easy to slip, difficult to maintain and not environmentally friendly.

  • JE23-KC07-2

    Excellent Patience

    PE decking has excellent durability and can withstand the influence of natural environments such as sunlight, rain, wind and snow, ensuring long-term service life.

  • JE23-KC11-2

    Strong Anti-Slip Properties

    The decking surface is designed to be non-slip, ensuring safe walking even on wet or rainy days and reducing accidents caused by slipperiness.

  • JE23-KC13-2

    Easy to Clean

    The easy-to-clean feature makes floor maintenance more convenient. It can be rinsed or wiped directly with water to keep it tidy and reduce maintenance work.

  • JE23-KC08-2

    Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials

    Made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials, it is recyclable and helps reduce environmental impact. In line with people's unremitting pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection.