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WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126
WPC Wall Panel JF126

WPC Wall Panel JF126

Intco Decor’s WPC wall panel is an innovative building material made from a blend of wood and plastic that combines the natural beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of plastic. WPC wall panels can be used to decorate and protect indoor and outdoor walls, ceilings, and facades, improving the aesthetics and protection of your building. WPC wall panel has the following features:
– Beautiful: WPC wall panels can imitate various natural and artificial materials and textures, such as wood grain, stone grain, brick grain, etc., making your walls more textured and personalized.
– Durable: WPC wall panels are resistant to weathering, moisture, and insects, will not deform, crack, or rot, and have a long service life.
– Environmentally friendly: WPC wall panels are made of recyclable wood and plastic and contain no harmful substances, reducing the impact on the environment.
– Convenient: WPC wall panels are easy to install, do not require special tools or skills, and can be cut and spliced freely, making them suitable for DIY projects.
– Economical: WPC wall panels require almost no maintenance, do not require painting, staining or sealing, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water, saving time and money.
  • Non-Formaldehyde

  • High Strength

  • Anti-Moth

  • Real Texture

  • Waterproof

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Scratch-Resistant

  • Easy to Install

  • Color Pattern Selection
  • Product Parameters
  • Installation Video
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Product Name  ESM WPC 3D Wall Panel PCS/CTN  6
Item number JF126 CTN/20GP   
Color  Any Color Available CTN/40HQ   
Product Length  2900mm/customizable Finish Type Coating
Product Width 180mm Interior/Exterior Interior

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