A Guide to Popular Skirting Board Styles

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  Skirting boards are often overlooked when it comes to home fashion. Perhaps because they are on the ground, and not at eye level, many homeowners ignore this small, yet important, element in room design.

  Skirting boards came to prominence in the Victorian era amongst the middle class. Until then, skirting boards normally only appeared in stately homes, owned by the upper class. Ordinary citizens emulated the feature in order to elevate their social status.

modern white skirting boards ideas

  Elegant Victorian-Era Skirting Boards

  If you’re drawn to ‘period’ design, you can go for a ‘Victorian’ skirting board. As the name suggests, this is heavily influenced by the original designs that emerged from that era. For the extra wow factor, you can even go for a profile (the width of the skirting) that is slightly deeper than usual. This creates a commanding feature that is sure to draw the eye and become a talking point.

  Sophisticated Georgian Skirting Boards

  If you want to delve back further into history, you might consider something from the Georgian era. Skirting designs from this time period are considered less intricate than Victorian ones. The Georgians emphasized symmetry and a good sense of proportion, taking much of their influence from Italian design.

  What are the most enduring skirting board styles?

  Over the years, a number of designs have emerged as firm favorites. We’ll look at 4 of the leading styles so next time you’re decorating your home, you can consider how to produce the desired effect.

  1. Bull Nose

  Let’s start with Bull Nose skirting boards. This enduring design has a smooth, rounded edge at the top. It’s been around for over a century and is not likely to go out of fashion. It fits in well with most looks, is easy to maintain, and can be fashioned out of a range of materials.

  2. Chamfered

  Chamfered skirting boards are simple and elegant, using straight lines and clean edges, which come away from the wall at a slight angle The angular nature of the design means they can fit in more easily with a modern style. The fact the board is flat means that it’s easy to paint in different colors.

  3. Ogee

  Ogee skirting boards feature a dramatic sweeping curve that sits atop a regular flat board. They have the added advantage of being able to match the moldings in the existing room. This creates a more ornate, bespoke feel to a room.

  4. Torus

  Torus skirting boards are said to be derived from classical architecture. In particular, they take their lead from popular Victorian semi-circular column plinths. The impressive, eye-catching design suits those who want to set themselves apart.

  5. Versatile Square Skirting

  If ornate designs aren’t your thing, and budget is your main consideration, Square skirting is a cost-effective option. For homes and offices, this simple, uncluttered design is easy to cut, install and maintain. If you want something that will blend easily and not stand out, this is your best bet.

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