Are Composite Cladding Boards Any Good

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  Your wall cladding design can drastically change the look and tone of your property. If you’re considering ways to bring your unique eye for design to your home’s façade, go for Composite Cladding. Composite Cladding allows you to bring your personal style from the interior to the exterior and truly elevate your home’s curb appeal.

  Composite wall cladding is a fantastic mixture of both Wood and Plastic, creating a high-quality Cladding Board in various colours, with a timber aesthetic and additional beneficial properties. Such as increased durability, low maintenance, and availability in both Woodgrain and Original style.

  Is composite cladding any good?

  1. Compared with wooden cladding, composite cladding is more durable. 

  Composite cladding materials are eco-friendly and provide a durable, weather-resistant, attractive finish to your building, and will not crack, split, fade, rot or decay over time.

  2. Long service life, easy to maintain

  Due to its durability, composite wall cladding is incredibly low maintenance compared to timber cladding. You do not need to seal, stain, or paint your cladding to protect it from weathering, nor will you need to sand it down or replace sections that have rotted or weathered.

  3. Better temperature regulation effect Insulation and temperature regulation is where composite cladding really earns its stripes. 

  The cladding is fantastic at keeping your outbuildings and garden offices warm in winter and cool in summer due to the insulation it provides. 

  4. Extra Protection 

  Most notably, Composite Cladding is good for insulation, fire-resistant and water-resistant. If you are using Composite Cladding within your home, the extra insulation will prove to be a great help, especially during the winter months. The cladding is fire and water-resistant means you can rest assured that your safety won’t be compromised once they have been installed. 

  5. Made of recyclable materials, environmentally friendly

  Wood plastic composite cladding is usually made of wood fiber and recycled plastics pressed under high temperature and pressure. It’s a green, sustainable option. 100% free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances, can be used at ease. Composite cladding has everything, but being eco-friendly is just the cherry on top!

  If you are looking for environmentally friendly decking options, INTCO’s composite product range offers customers a “green” decking solution, which is becoming increasingly important in the building and renovation industries. 

  As mentioned above, Composite wall cladding is a high-quality alternative to timber exterior cladding, offering a range of beneficial properties. Composite Boards are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, using 100% sustainable products.

  There are few limits to the possibilities when it comes to choosing a wall cladding design for your home or business exterior. No matter what type of vision you have in mind, INTCO- Composite Cladding Suppliers will work with you to ensure that you achieve it.