How To Choose Crown Moulding For Your Home

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  Crown moulding is a beautiful decorative element that can be installed where your wall meets the ceiling. To compliment your baseboard mouldings, and door and window framing, crown moulding adds a special touch to any space. Whether big and bold or understated, crown molding enhances the transition from wall to ceiling.

  Nowadays, it is a very popular option to add crown moulding to help conceal cables and wires throughout your home. Saving you the trouble and disruption of creating holes in your walls, crown moulding effectively hides and conceals wiring to give a clean, decorative aesthetic.

  Why choose crown moulding?

  The number one reason most people choose crown moulding is aesthetics. It can help to break up that sharp edge between your wall and ceiling to give a much softer and warm appearance.

   Crown moulding can also be used at waist level to protect walls and also provide a boundary on your walls between paneling, or perhaps even two shades of paint. Crown moulding can also be used over door frames or significant features such as a fireplace to draw more attention to them.

  Factors to Consider When Choosing Crown Moulding


  Crown molding can alter the aesthetic appeal of your home, and the material from which is made plays a significant role in the process,like plastic crown moulding, pvc crown moulding, mdf crown moulding……

  First, you need to decide on the type of crown moulding you intend to use because there are varying styles that range from simple ones to decorative and ornate ones. Also, you need to figure out the type of space you intend to create. 


  After concluding the type of crown molding you want to install, you also need to consider the tools. Specific tools may slightly differ depending on the nature of the crown molding you want to install, but generally, you will require a nail gun, finish nails, stud finder, and miter saw to make clean corner cuts that match the wall’s edges.


  Before you buy crown mouldings, you need to consider the size of your room. Also, in a case where gaps can be seen where your wall meets your floor or in certain corners where walls meet ceilings, floor moldings may be used to cover the gaps and boost the way the room looks.

  If you have questions about the right size mouldings for your project, talk to Intco Decor—Professional crown moulding manufacturers.

  Crown moulding is a decorative trim that highlights the transition of wall to ceiling in the home, adding an elegant, polished look to rooms. Recognizable for its graceful curves and distinctive angles, crown moulding is easily the most well-known and popular trim for homes.