Skirting For Home Interiors In 2022

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  If you’re planning to decorate your room in a contemporary style and need modern skirting board that will complement the overall look, this blog post will help you decide which skirting board is right for your project.

  You will be surprised at the difference choosing the right skirting board can make to a room. It can give a sense of space, it can accentuate other features in your design and it can also make a room feel more impressive completing the look and feel you’re going for.

mdf skirting boards ideas

   1、Flat Skirting Board

  This traditional baseboard moulding is the simplest baseboard style you can get. You can choose the plain baseboard style if you prefer a minimalist look to your room. This baseboard style goes well with any interior design style too. 

  2、Flexible Skirting Styles

  MDF is one of the more popular baseboard items. It can be mitered, cut, and set up simply like any other type of baseboard.

  Intco Decor, leading skirting board suppliers, comes in all types of profiles and is generally used in houses or offices.

  3、Jointed Skirting Style

  If you have the traditional plain skirting boards style but want to give it a small decorative touch, you can add a skirting board covers on top of it. 

  Finding The Right Skirting Board Ideas For You

  While there are a huge number of skirting board ideas to consider, not all will necessarily be suitable for you. It is important that your skirting boards fit in with the style of your house, the proportions of the rooms and the look you are aiming for.  

  1、Keep Things Simple and Subtle For a Fresh Look

  In modern homes, or where a simple, fresh finish is the aim, opt for an inconspicuous skirting board design that doesn’t shout for attention. If your house has lower ceilings, as many modern homes do, choosing a shorter, unfussy board is a really good idea too as it has the effect of visually raising the ceiling height. 

  2、 Match Walls and Skirting For a Unified Look

  For a pleasingly cohesive look to your interiors, paint your skirting boards the same color as your walls. This is a great idea for those after ways to make small rooms feel bigger, but don’t think that by painting the boards a co-ordinating color they won’t stand out. As can be seen here, using an eye-catching color for your skirting can actually really highlight a decorative profile.  

  So which type of skirting boards did you like the most for your space? For more interesting home and office decoration ideas and architectural information, explore Intco Decor.  

  So, this is all about types of skirting board. I hope this blog has helped you to upgrade your house interiors with these impressive skirting ideas. Share this blog with your family and friends and help them to create warm, cozy and welcoming house interiors.