Composite Decking Ideas To Add Style And Structure To Your Outdoor Space

2024-03-11 10:38:03
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  Want a stylish and easy-care space in your plot? These composite decking ideas are for you. You’ve taken the time to envision your perfect outdoor living space and now it’s time to make it real.

  Composite deck ideas add interest and functionality to a garden, as well as being low-maintenance. Decking ideas add so much flexibility to your garden. They work equally well integrated into lawns or as standalone terraces and patios. Whether you’re looking to create a new dining area, entertaining space or practical pathway, decking steps up to the challenge. So, whatever outdoor space you’ve got, it’s time to explore what composite decking ideas could work for you.

Composite decking ideas to add style and structure to your outdoor space

  Use two colors for style and safety

  One of the many benefits of composite decking is the vast array of colours and finishes available. Make the most of this flexibility by using more than one shade in your outdoor space. One way of doing this is to use a lighter colour of the borders and edges of steps.

  As well as adding interest, this neatly zones areas. In terms of the steps this form of composite decking ideas also makes things safer come evenings as the levels will be more visible.

  Use two styles for interest

  Make the most of the variety available with composite decking ideas by using more than one style in an area. Choose a thinner board design to create an elegant boarder to your terrace or pathway.

  Create level outdoor space

  It’s fairly common to have a lawn and a house which don’t exactly match up on levels, so use composite decking ideas to fix this problem. You can even lay these over existing paving to modernise the area and level things even further.

  Choose a contrasting colorway

  Make a statement with your decking. Select a color with contrasts dramatically with other garden elements. If you have a fairly classic space, perhaps with stone steps or path, green lawns and natural wooden garden fence ideas, then dark boards will add impact and interest.

  Keep it sleek for chic outdoor living

  Composite decking is perfect for contemporary courtyards like this – it’s much easier to look after than a lawn and will always look good. Pair with modern deck furniture and you can extend your living space effortlessly. A wall-mounted outdoor TV will elevate the setup further – cozying up for a film night beneath the stars sounds pretty good to us.

  Composite decking ideas can be stylish, durable and add lasting appeal to your garden. Reassuringly, some composite decking manufacturers are also taking steps to ensure them are increasingly eco-friendly, using a high percentage of recycled plastic.