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Intco Decor's acoustic panels, ESM wall panels, PS wall panels, PS crown mouldings, and PS skirting boards are excellent choices for your living room decoration. Our products have sound absorption and noise reduction, safety and environmental protection, design and ease of use. Installation and other advantages.

  • JC962-E-1287(2)

    Excellent Sound Absorption

    The sound-absorbing effect can reach up to Class B, which is significantly better than traditional asbestos sound-absorbing products, effectively solving the problem of noise interference on work and rest.

  • JC963-E-23(3)

    Safety and Environmental Protection

    Intco Decor's products have formaldehyde levels of E0, providing a green and healthy indoor environment for your family. ESM, PS and other products have passed France's highest A+ level certification to ensure your family is safe and worry-free.

  • ect-info3

    Diverse Design Combinations

    For a comfortable living room environment, we provide a variety of design combinations, aiming to meet your diverse needs for decoration design as much as possible and add a lot of color to your home.

  • JC1077-CMP2H(1)

    Easy to Install

    By simplifying the design, the installation of Intco Decor products becomes easier, making it suitable for consumers who love doing things. Save time and effort and create a comfortable living room environment.